Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Israeli-Palestinian Divide in the USA

"We are demanding that the United States stop arming and aiding Israel. We are in fact calling for a cut-off of all aid to Israel." -- Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the Answer Coalition.

"There have been too many meetings with politicians in backrooms and not enough conversations in people's living rooms and at their kitchen tables. That is what it's really going to take." -- Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, President Israel Project

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most divisive issues in the world today.

In the United States, activists line up on both sides of this complex impasse, which has sparked decades of violence.

This report looks into some of these activists’ arguments and counter-arguments, their strategies and their views on U.S. government policy.

A related audio-video report by Cindy Saine and Leta Hong Fincher shows how President Barack Obama is pressing Israel's new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept a two-state solution.

Another audio-video report by Mohamed Elshinnawi describes how experts differ on whether President Obama can succeed in bringing peace to the Middle East.