Monday, September 27, 2010

Nollywood Comes to America

Check out this behind the scenes video of a day in the shoot of "Yori Yori Babes", a Nollywood Nigerian movie being filmed in the United States.

"African film is the second largest (film) industry in the world. Can you imagine that?" -- Bella Nickole, actress in Yori Yori Babes.

"We have Nollywood USA now, which is when they come over here and they tell our stories, because our lifestyle here is different than the lifestyle of the typical Nigerian living in Nigeria"-- Estella Ogbonna, on set fashion designer.

"Somehow we try to chain it, to show people who are in this diaspora, and people who are on a journey from this place to another country. That is the whole thing." -- Sam Onwuka, one of the producers.